Our Projects

01. Opportunity Village

We work with the Opportunity Village Eugene to create a landscape system model that addresses the basic needs (food, energy, and water) for transitional communities.

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02. Emerald Village

We work with the Emerald Village Eugene to design and build its community garden that will provide social, environmental, and economic benefits to the residents.

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03. Lima, Peru

We work with x-runner, a local Container-Based Sanitation (CBS) provider, to develop a landscape system that addresses the needs of basic sanitation and adequate public green space for the communities of Lima, Peru.

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04. Everyone Village

Our team works with Everyone Village Eugene to create community infrastructure that improves the living conditions and creates solutions for primary concerns. Click here for more details about the project and recent activities.

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The L4H Lab

01. Classes

UO faculty members (Abelman, Ko, and Russel) use their classes as design laboratory to engage the L4H work.

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02. Research Grants

The L4H Lab seeks various funding opportunities to support the L4H design research.

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We collaborate with ambitious non-profit organizations and people. Let's build something great together.

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