Our Recognitions

Our engaged research, education, and student works are being recognized by various local and national awards.

1. 2019 ASLA Student Award of Excellence

In November 2019, Adam DeHeer, Nicholas Sund, Summer Young, Emma Hershey, Hana Ketter, and Sam Alig with their faculty advisor Kory Russel won the ASLA Student Award of Excellence Residential Design Category through their EPA P3 project “Codesigning Green Sanitation Infrastructure: A Framework for Informal Settlements Lima, Peru”.

2. UO Resilience Initiative Seed Funding

In December of 2019, the University of Oregon Resilience Initiative awarded the L4H interdisciplinary team (Principal Investigator Yekang Ko) with a $50,000 grant. The project will develop a strategic citywide spatial framework for the development of transitional and permanent housing sites, develop design typologies and implement the transitional community typology at the Opportunity Village Eugene.

3. UO Foundation Grant

In June of 2019, the University of Oregon Foundation Board of Trustees awarded the L4H team (Ko, Russel, Abelman, and Lee) with a $30,000 grant from the Trustee Excellence Fund. This grant allowed for the work at OVE to continue to be successful with more opportunities for student and faculty involvement.

4. UO Town and Gown Sustainability Award

The UO Town and Gown Sustainability Award recognizes individuals or groups for projects that promote, educate or enhance a more sustainable community. Yekang Ko, Jacques Abelman and Kory Russel were awarded the 2019 UO Town and Gown award for their work with students in respective classes with OVE.

5. EPA 3

In November of 2018, a group of students (Adam DeHeer, Nicholas Sund, Summer Young, and Emma Hershey) with faculty advisors Kory Russel and Maria Fernanda Escallón were awarded grant funding through the Environmental Protection Agency’s 16th Annual People, Prosperity and the Planet (P3) student design competition with a project called “Sanitary Green Space: Closed-looped waste systems.”

6. 2022 ASLA Oregon Student Honor Award

In Octorber of 2022, a group of students (Jessica Gonzalez; Sam Alig; Andrey Rycewicz, Aaron Woolverton, Yeongseo Yu; Masayo Simon, William Bonner, Kennedy Rauh, and Briana Meier) with faculty advisors Yekang Ko , Kory Russel, and Junhak Lee won the 2022 ASLA Oregon Student Honor Award - "Fostering Resilience: Implementing a Community Nursery at Opportunity Village Eugene"

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