Our Projects

02. Emerald Village Eugene, Oregon

Project Lead: Shelby Meyers
Partners: Square One Villages, MAPLE Microdevelopment, Grassroots, Landscape Company

We work with the Emerald Village Eugene to design and build its community garden that will provide social, environmental, and economic benefits to the residents.

Primary Question

How can we integrate basic needs (food, energy, and water) into the landscape of an innovative housing model for very low-income communities?


Emerald Village Eugene (EVE) is a tiny-house cooperative in Eugene, Oregon for people with very low-incomes. EVE has
25 residents, 22 tiny-homes, a community clubhouse with a full kitchen and laundry, and landscaped grounds to connect the homes. EVE is run by Square One Villages, a Eugene-based non-profit.  

Project Details

Landscape for Humanity (L4H) plays a key role in the community conversation, design, installation, and management of the village’s community garden.
The garden is highly productive, with a greenhouse, raised vegetable beds, and herbal relaxation gardens, all framed with fruit trees, fruit-bearing shrubs and native plants.


A majority of EVE residents live on a small, fixed income, and have difficulty accessing food that will support a healthy diet. Further, most residents were previously unhoused, which in some cases caused trauma on the mind and the body.
The EVE community garden provides residents with fresh produce, a place for relaxation and reflection, and a sense of empowerment from growing and tending plants with a community.

Our Projects
01. Opportunity Village
02. Emerald Village
03. Lima, Peru

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